Mosaic Youth Theatre: Progressive Brainwashing from the “Bottom Up.”

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Mosaic Youth Theatre: Progressive Brainwashing from the “Bottom Up.”

“Politics is downstream of culture” as Breitbart often said. That statement got under my skin when I first heard it. As #ShoutYourAbortion Feminists, #BlackLivesMatter Race-baiters, #LoveWins Authoritarians, and other far-Left, Safe Space, Micro-aggression SJWs emerge, I get flummoxed as I wonder: FROM WHERE DID THESE PEOPLE COME? Had I been so engrossed in the idea that this would always be a free country, that I let it blind me from the fact that the most un-American brand of Leftism was germinating right under my nose?



Full disclosure: I am related to several of the most hardcore Left wing politicians (cronies) this country has ever seen. My second cousin is Gene Sperling, the former director of NEC (Nation Economic Council) under both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. That means that aside from his office in The West Wing (AND having served as a consultant for the Conservative-bashing propaganda show, The West Wing), he wrote the legislation that took Reagans contributions to the economy, and obliterated them.  He’s been a constant enemy of American prosperity for over 25 years and barely any one knows his name. Now, we have America in retreat. Thanks, cuz.

My other cousin, Erik Sperling, is Feeling the Bern while he’s embroiled in corruption by working closely with Rep. John Conyers, a 50 year House Representative of Michigan, who has categorically voted to the far Left. Rep. John Conyers is one of the fathers of slave reparations, the idea that 2016 whites should give money and resources to 2016 Blacks as an “apology” for slavery. Conyers also co-founded the Congressional Black Caucus, a sub-committee of Congress that only concerns itself with “the Black Community,” not “Americans” at large.  That’s racism!

We could have many discussions about the foibles of my extended family, but there is one in particular who decided not to join the political scene. Instead, he chose “community organizing” on the ground floor of Detroit’s cultural pulse. Rick Sperling founded Mosaic Youth Theatre in 1992 (it’s no coincidence that Rick started a “Non Profit” Leftist community organizing group in 1992, the same year his big brother Gene Sperling took control of the NEC). It makes one wonder: on what funding do these Community Projects survive? Could it be that bureaucrats who govern our lives from the “top down” intentionally redistribute our money to their “bottom up” counterparts? I don’t know.  It’s something to think about…

Mosaic Youth “Theatre”

Mosaic Youth “Theatre” is particularly egregious in its effort to shift the cultural tide from American independence and constitutionalism, to Marxist dependency and destitution.

To put it mildly, Rick Sperling plucks unfortunate minorities off the street – minorities who were condemned to the ghetto by Progressive policies – and turns them into entitled Social Justice Warriors who revel in ripping “the system” to shreds – the system that gave them a fighting chance: capitalism. He teaches them that they are “put upon” by society and that society “owes them something.” He teaches them that no matter how hard they work, they’ll never get a one up. He teaches them that it’s not single motherhood and absentee fathers and gang banging that is the cause of their problems, but that the power struggle between White Supremacy and “Persons of Color” is the real problem.  

Without the risk of sounding elitist, Rick Sperling aborts the works of one of histories greatest writers to brainwash Detroits underprivileged youth. Watch this: it’s like Catcher in the Rye meets Rent (the most overrated musical of all time). It’s supposed to be The Tempest. I don’t know WHAT it is, but IT IS NOT SHAKESPEARE! Look at the Mosaic Youtube channel.  They couldn’t even be bothered to spell “Shakespear” correctly.

Watch this Mosaic Youth Theatre “acting instructor” in the linked video, as she instructs young malleable minds on the craft of DESTROYING a Shakespearean tragedy:

“Most of us have experienced where we feel as if we have been wronged in some way, and so that concept of revenge, the concept of getting revenge on people who have done you wrong.”

Clearly, her “white guilt” is getting to her brain.

She’s a Leftist. She clearly has an agenda. She is NOT an acting teacher. THIS CAME STRAIGHT FROM THE MOSAIC WEBSITE! THEY ARE PROUD PROPAGANDISTS! Just keep watching, in a few seconds, she reveals her agenda.

“Also, there is a lot of power differentials and most of us have felt very powerful or powerless, and so examining the power dynamics in those relationships are something that the young artists can connect to.”

Hmmm, to what “power dynamic” does she refer? This is directly out of Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals.

As Rick Sperling drinks cocktails in the video below, perhaps he reflects on that fact that without public and corporate funding, he would have never been employed. Without his donors, he would have next to nothing but his moral posturing and pedantic self-aggrandizement to help him navigate through life.

Listen to his moral posturing as he describes how “put upon” these kids are.

Doth Protest too much, me thinks!

Admittedly, Rick Sperling, the founder of The Mosaic Plantation (my words), aborts the meaning of histories most cherished works, turns them into Left Wing hit pieces on alleged white supremacy, and then claims that these kids are achieving something worthwhile – “the intellectual pursuit of understanding Shakespeare.” How much more despicable could one “not for profit” be? He rips these kids off the street, brainwashes them and then defecates them back on the street, into a life where they see themselves as eternally “on the street.” Gee thanks, Rick – you’ve really made the world a better place by toying with the emotions of young malleable minds.

In actuality, Rick Sperling is crippling these young minds into accepting perpetual victimhood and giving the false sanction of a Shakespearean literary quality to bolster the chains in which The Left binds their “house niggers.” This is truly abhorrent, especially in the name of “helping minorities.” No amount of moral peacocking will make Mosaic a value to Detroit’s youth.  All these kids get is a false sense of the world.

Hand’s Up, Don’t Shoot…So I Can Teach Shakespeare To Proud Thugs

After a self-aggrandizing tirade about connecting to the writer through “personal experiences”, at 5:54, a young Mosaic pupil details his own experience in a high-speed chase with Detroit Police in a stolen car. He admits to evading the police and being stopped while the cops drew their guns (his brother had run clear of the cops). He didn’t seem at all apologetic about running from the cops or ignoring the Rule of Law. Ricks face doesn’t even flinch as his student describes a chase with the cops IN A STOLEN CAR!  Keep watching: the point of the story wasn’t to teach young blacks to respect to the Rule of Law, the point was to display the “power struggle” between Police and Black Youths. THIS IS ON MOSAICS OFFICIAL WEBSITE! They don’t even attempt to hide their nefarious progressive agenda.  The moment Mosaic teaches these kids that they aren’t victims, Mosaic will cease to exist.  This is the game played by Rick Sperling – since 1992. Perhaps I really shouldn’t be asking:


This is the kind of garbage Mosaic shoves down the throats of their %90 Black (%99 minorities) “artists” – that they’re learning how to identify and overcome the institutional “White Supremacy” that made them poor in the first place. Rick Sperling does NOT teach them how to become productive members of society, but instead how to be mindless Progressive, race-baiting drones who need Safe Spaces and are mortally accosted by micro-aggressions.

I wrote Rick Sperling to have a civilized discussion about the true benefit of teaching underprivileged Blacks in this way. I wanted to see why he supported Progressive Policies that instill helplessness and entitlement, instead of free market ideals that inspire self-sufficiency and independence. I wanted to ask him how he could defend policies that are clearly harmful to the people he claims to help. Bill Whittle makes a compelling case as to why specific Progressive policies led directly to the decline of what used to be a global economic powerhouse (Detroit).

Apparently, I struck a very soft nerve. By the standard of a “civilized” “rational” conversation, Rick Sperling went off on me like a Politically Correct banshee (over email); repeatedly declaring “we have nothing to talk about” while also insinuating my tendency toward “bigotry and racism.” A progressive who labels me a racist? Come on. Give me one I don’t hear everyday.

It’s no wonder Rick Sperlings pupils tend to RUN from the cops; he nor them can even stick around for a rational conversation about politics.  Go figure.  It makes you wonder: in what kind of household did that wing of the family germinate? One brother screaming from the White House, the other screaming from the ghetto.

So, on the scale of “relative” to “absolute,” which brother is worse: the crony (Gene Speling) who whispers in the ears of the most corrupt and despised politicians America has ever known – affecting change from the “top down,” or the teacher (Rick Sperling), who whispers into the ears of thousands of AMERICAN children – affecting change from the “bottom up,”

In my years of thoughtful learning, I honestly don’t know.


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