Talented, motivated millennials are starting to feel the pain of Big Government

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Growing up, I defaulted to “the family politics.”  

Although I was always slightly heretical with my large selection Ayn Rand and other philosophy books, my Progressive teachers made sure that the hatred for Conservatives was sufficient enough to give me two options: leftism or nihilism.  Leftism and nihilism are essentially the same thing.  The only difference is that leftism is subversive.  “I have no moral compass, but it’s a secret,” is your average leftist.  “I have no moral compass, and I don’t care who knows,” is nihilism.  Neither has a moral compass.  That’s how they can look you square in the face and chortle “Islam Means Peace” but “America was never great.”


These people want to deindustrialize even if it starves millions, pooping in a tree for a week to prevent it from being cut down, bashing the “corporations” while Tweeting about how righteous they are (can you detect the irony?) LibDems look you right in the eyes and say that they “care,” as they reach into your pockets under the false pretense of helping people, when in fact, they waste the money stolen from you.  They take opulent vacations on your dime and if you even insinuate that “property rights are more than abstractions” they use your genuine empathy to shut you up.  They invoke White Privilege, White Supremacy, Institutional Racism, Institutional Sexism and when they pit people against each other, they use it as “proof” that their worldview could ever work.  All you need to do is give up more of your rights.


Becoming an active member of news community comes with a price.  One really has to care.  If you don’t like to think a lot (and if you mind being called a bigot everyday), don’t do it.  Keep to yourself.

The Disgruntled Millennial has become a hub where the smart, talented, well-read millennials can openly discuss issues of the day.  I get many Direct Messages from people who aren’t so lucky as some of us.  They cannot be open and they truly live “in the closet.”  Ironically, even fraternizing with terrorists isn’t deserving of ostracism as long as you’re a Progressive.  Brilliant thinkers – geniuses.  Artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers; forced underground by the threat of destitution.  They work and live amongst vermin.  These are the kind of vermin we all know.  They’d fire you if they knew you were a Conservative.  They’d dox you.  They’d humiliate you.  They’d stop listening to your songs.  They’d stop buying your art.  They’d hang you out to dry and they’d feed you to the wolves.

Fuck you all.

America is the greatest country in the world and you’re ruining it. 

Fuck anyone who thinks white people are the only ones capable of racism.

Fuck the Libtards.

Fuck the Repugnicans.

Fuck Barak Obama and his America hating, Alinsky leftist bullshit. 

Fuck the criminal, Hillary clinton and her lies. 

Fuck Donald trump for being the best of horrible options for 2016. 

Fuck all democrat politicians who feel the need to steal from Americans because they can’t hack it in the free market. 

Fuck the cronies in Washington and fuck the pussy ass CEOs who play by their rules.

Fuck anyone who thinks that black people are incapable of racism. 

Fuck the black lives matter racists.  

Fuck the ACTUAL racist cops. 

Fuck feminists who think they “need a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” 

Fuck environmentalists who would see millions of people starve to death if it meant saving the Black-Footed fucking Ferret.  

Fuck anyone who doesn’t value human life. 

Fuck radical Islam. 

Fuck moderate Islamists who don’t publicly denounce terrorism and Sharia Law. 

Fuck “micro aggressions” and “safe spaces.”

Fuck college professors who’ve decided to stop teaching and start preaching. 

Fuck social justice warriors who consider getting someone fired from their job or getting products that people want removed from stores, an accomplishment.

Fuck anyone who has ever called me or anyone I associate myself with a racist.

Fuck Matt Damon.

Fuck celebrities who benefit the most from capitalism while denigrating the same system that not only allowed them to be successful, but has created the most opportunity for anyone willing to work a day in their life. 

Fuck Michael Moore.

Fuck the left wing media.

Fuck the right wing media.

Fuck the DEA, the FDA, the IRS, the EPA, the CIA, the FBI, and the FCC.

Fuck NASA. (You were great once)

Fuck the Bush’s.

Fuck the Clinton’s.

Fuck Michele Obama.

Fuck anyone who has ever “felt the bern”.

Fuck anyone who voted for Obama because he’s black and fuck anyone who supports Hillary because she’s a woman.

Fuck alt-right douchebag frat boys who rebel against their lefty, baby boomer parents by supporting Donald trump. 

Fuck the lazy, zero tolerance policies that remove any thought from our criminal justice system.

Fuck the entitled pricks who think that the work of the most brilliant people in our society belongs to everyone. 

Fuck wealth redistribution. 

Fuck obamacare.

Fuck social security. 

Fuck income tax theft. 

But most of all fuck me.

Peace I’m out.


This was written by a man I know.  I’m posting this because he is the best kind of mind this country has.  His is the kind of mind that, if unleashed on the free market, would be a powerhouse of innovation and ingenuity.  Those are the kinds of minds that are corrupted by the Democrat race-to-the-bottom.  He doesn’t have a lot, but he works hard.  The only problem is that whenever he takes a step forward, the Big Government beats him with a barrage of regulations and new, unfair taxes that hinder his ability to create and earn his own living.  The next great inventors are out there somewhere, but we might never know what’s in their brains.  We might never know if those men and women would have cured a major disease, or created the life affirming medical device.  Even if millennials COULD survive when the government heists your money on the front end AND on the back end, why would they want to? Why should the smart people do their best in a world that punishes them for every step forward?

I wish the best for my friend.  Hang on – the tides are turning.  Soon, you’ll be unleashed.


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