DISTURBING Footage as the Middle East Hemorrhages “Refugees”

You can’t mix oil and water. You can’t mix freedom with tyranny. The Religion Of Peace, having been welcomed into the West with open arms, do nothing but spit in the face of the people who saved their lives. This is truly despicable. Imagine your daughter being treated like a subservient object by a vicious, … [Read more…]

[VIRAL] When it comes to Feminism, Conservatives should Shut Up and let Nature Take Its Course!

Now might be the time in human history for Conservatives to shut up and let nature take its course. Like a snake eating its own tail, The Left has entered into a death spiral… And as freedom loving Conservatives, WHO ARE WE TO STOP THEM? It’s almost as though they want more than to see … [Read more…]

Op-Ed: Decoding Leftism and PC Culture

Written by (@shackgeneral) If you are easily offended, DO NOT KEEP READING! The cult of PC is the crown jewel of Leftist rhetoric and does nothing but complicate language. Even such a nuanced language as English can often fail to illustrate thoughts properly. This naturally tepid connection between thought and language is exactly why fascists and … [Read more…]

[VIDEO] Israeli Activist May Golan Obliterates Islamic Claims on The Holy Land

Islam knows not a bottom to the depths of their depravity, and there are few people, even in the Holy land of Israel, who are willing to say it. Israel is a microcosm of America, and in many ways, she’s the canary in the coalmine. Ashkenazi Jews are notoriously known for having the highest level … [Read more…]

You’re not free unless you’re “American” Free

The Left will have you believe that this country is deeply rooted in racism – that evil white people (in 2016, mind you) are hitching a free piggyback ride on the work and ingenuity of minorities. They decry: patriarchy, white privilege, micro-aggressions and institutional racism – as if such a nasty mindset as RACISM is … [Read more…]