[VIRAL] Jewish Filmmakers Envision Weapons of the Future! GUN NUTS GO BALLISTIC…IN A GOOD WAY !

Todd Segal's virtual drone guidance system.

ONLY ON THE DISGRUNTLED MILLENNIAL!!! YOU WON’T SEE THIS ANYWHERE ELSE! Jewish brothers from South Florida envision the newest drone strike guidance system to utterly destroy and demoralize terrorists all around the world. They demonstrate T.O.R.A.H., the Talmudic Online Response Action Hologram. Talmudic Online Response Action Hologram Watch and see how it works. Scientists and Weapons … [Read more…]

If you’re getting raped, don’t cry “Fire,” cry “RACIST!”

If you’re getting raped, don’t cry “Fire,” cry “RACIST!” by Brett Segal @shackgeneral It was once said (when I was in Middle School) to young girls, who were walking about the night (sans male escort) and approached by a threatening character whose intent is to get his rapey rocks off, ought to scream ‘fire!’ “Don’t … [Read more…]

“Thank you for your service” seems moot coming from Left-wing voters by Matthew Rivera

“Thank you for your service”seems moot coming from Left-wing voters by Matthew Rivera It’s an average day, you are sporting a “regulation haircut” and you are speaking with a friend you haven’t seen in a while when a stranger walks up to you. They extend their hand and state, “Thank you for your service.” You smile; … [Read more…]

I’m celebrating Israel Apartheid Week – Here’s Why

I’m celebrating Israel Apartheid Week a few weeks early. SJW are celebrating all year round, but in light of the fact that Israeli officials had the good sense to build a big wall between Israel Proper and Gaza, I’m jumping on board with the celebration. Not in the way you may think. If you can’t … [Read more…]